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Consultants Inc.

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San Diego, CA 92103

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We have consulted with various small start-ups and mid to large firms focused on discovery, development, manufacture and marketing of quality therapeutic products. Here is an abbreviated list of some of our recent Middle East and Asian clients.

Middle East and Asian Clients

Signature Orthopaedics Sidney, Australia Orthopedics Devices Signature
LG Household & Healthcare Korea OTC and Cosmetics LG
Neat Feat New Zealand OTC Neat Feat
Rye Pharmaceuticals Australia Pharmaceuticals Rye
Aaxis Ltd Australia Pharmaceuticals Aaxis
Alerkan Medical Ankara, Turkey Spirometry Filters Alerkan

Hangzhou Atek Medical and Textile

Hangzhou, China

Medical Device

Shanghai Greenway Medical

Shanghai, China

Medical Devices

Graham Natural Alternatives

Ashmore, Australia

OTC Drugs

Vision Tech Inc.

Karachi, Pakistan

Medical Devices-Glasses

Acumen Housewares

Nanning City, China

Medical Devices-Toothbrushes

Top Nice Tech

Shanghai, China

Medical Devices-Toothbrushes


Bataan, Philipines

Medical Devices- Surgical Apparel

Kontron Manufacturing

Penang, Malaysia

Medical Devices

Bioland Technology

Hong Kong, China

Medical Devices